In case this never happens again, I want to make sure everyone knows JV has once been on top of the rings!


Box Handstand Hamstring Stretch 4×0:20

Back Hold on Boxes 3x 0:40 on/0:30 off

Front Hold on Boxes 3×0:40 on/0:30 off

2×8 Straight Body Lever, 0:10 Descent


5X3 Paused Front Squat (3 count pause in rock bottom) – heavy but non-maximal, rest 90 sec.

4X10 Ring Dips – if 10 reps UB are too easy add weight, rest 90 sec.


12:00 AMRAP of:

20 Power Clean & Push Jerks 95/65#
20 Box Jump-Overs 24/20″
15 Power Clean & Push Jerks 110/75#
20 Box Jump-Overs 24/20″
10 Power Clean & Push Jerks 135/95#
20 Box Jump-Overs 24/20″
5 Power Clean & Push Jerks 155/105#
20 Box Jump-Overs 24/20″

*If all reps are completed, repeat the final round (5 PC&PJ/20 BJO) for the remainder of the 12:00.



4×0:20 Box Handstand Hamstring Stretch

3x Maximum Effort L- Sit

3×12 Handstand Straight Arm Hip Taps


Alternating EMOM for 10:00-

Three Position Clean (floor, hang, power position) + Jerk

*Begin at 60% of 1RM Clean & Jerk and add weight each minute until you can no longer complete the complex. When a miss occurs on the complex subtract 5-10# and complete the remainder of the EMOM.

12 Jumping Air Squats


 5 rounds of:

:30 ME Thrusters 95/65#
:30 Rest
:30 ME Double-Unders

:30 Rest

*Rest 1:00, then…*

5:00 ME MU


March Member Highlight:
Jenn R.
Evening class regular

We have selected Jenn as this month’s member highlight because we have watched such an incredible transformation in her over the past 6 months.  When she first joined us at Outlaw Crossfit, we could tell she was unsure of many things yet she believed in the program and came to workout on a consistent schedule.  We have watched her grow more and more comfortable with the movements, add weight on the bar little by little, and is now the voice of encouragement and advice to our newer members!  We are proud of you Jenn!


“I have just finished my 6th month here at Outlaw Crossfit.  When I was first introuced to crossfit, I thought I would pick up all the exercises relatively easily.  I played soccer in college at East Carolina University.  We did a lot of lifting.  We did movements such as cleans and jerks, I think (it was 15 years ago!) but we didn’t focus much on them.  I was likely just going through the movements back then because they are pretty difficult for me now!  

At first, I felt totally lost with some movements – like Double Unders!  I had no idea how to even begin trying to attempt one of them!  I would stand there holding the jump rope in my hands staring at everyone else.  Coach Ceasar spent some time with me teaching me how to do them.  Even though I have to do two singles in between each double now, I have made some serious progress with them which makes me very happy!

When I first started working out at Outlaw, I was coming to class on an average of two times a week for about the first three months.  I picked it up to 3-4 times a week for the next three months and have started to notice a difference!  Strength is a continuum and I’m steadily getting stronger with this program.  These are the hardest workouts I’ve ever done and I love them.  I come home feeling so wonderfully exhausted.  

It is funny to think back when a friend attempted to politely discourage me from joining Outlaw.  He told me that the workouts at Outlaw would “destroy” me and that it was a gym for serious competitors only.  I’m glad I didn’t listen to him.  I came in for an introduction workout with Coach Nicole and I instantly felt comfortable with her and decided to join.  I’m looking forward to see what is in store for me here in the year ahead!”



Alternating EMOM for 10:00-

1 Three Position Snatch (floor, hang, power position)*

*Begin at 60% of 1RM Snatch and add weight each minute until you can no longer complete the complex. When a miss occurs on the complex subtract 5-10# and complete the remainder of the EMOM.

10 Burpees to a Plate


4 Rounds of:

1:00 ME Wall Balls 20/14#
1:00 ME Row for Cals
1:00 ME HSPU
1:00 Rest


HAPPY OPEN SEASON, EXERCISERS! If you are signed up for the Team Outlaw HQ open team, make sure you have someone judge you. Your score cannot be validated unless you are able to enter your score with a judges name. Also, always refer to Rudy’s post on theoutlawway.com for strategy and pacing tips! GO REALLY FAST AND BE REALLY STRONG!


Move slowly into and out of each stretch.

4×0:20 seated pike stretch

4×0:20 standing hamstring stretch 

4×0:20 box shoulder stretch


Warmup Clean & Jerk up to about 60-70% of 1RM.  


Workout 15.1

9-minute AMRAP:
15 toes-to-bars
10 deadlifts
5 snatches

  (M 115 lb. /  F 75 lb.)

Workout 15.1a

1-rep-max clean and jerk

  6-minute time cap


This week marks the start of the CrossFit Games Open! If you haven’t registered yet, head over to games.crossfit.com and register under Team Outlaw HQ! We will be doing the workouts every Saturday morning for the next 5 weeks! Game on.


Seated Hamstring Stretch

2×0:45 Hollow Hold on back
2×0:45 Hollow Hold on Hands

Pull-Up Levers, 3×5 as High as possible with Perfect Form


Every 1:30 for 6:00 (5 total sets)-

5 UB T&G Power Clean & Push Jerks @ 70% of 5rm


At a conversational pace or 150BPM –

5 rounds of:

30 Double Unders
10 OHS 95/65#
5/3 Muscle-Ups