So lets talk options. I think of it as we have 4 groups.


1.) Did 16.1 Will not be testing again.

2.) did 16.1 will be testing again (monday, dont test the day after, but I dont really have to explain that to you right?)

3.) havent done 16.1 but will today (Saturday)

4.) havent done 16.1 but will monday. or maybe not at all.


If you are 1,2, or 4 then I want you to do the lifting workout with the wod posted below. However, if you are testing on saturday we will be doing 16.1 as a rolling heat deal. Just going one after another after another on one side of the gym.


group 2, not that I dont love you, but if youre a hurting unit, and need some rest just take the whole weekend off. dont be a meat head.


So for anyone not testing today here is the workout.



·      4 x :20 box hamstring strech

·      1:30 HS Hold

·      3 x 8 Arch to hollow swings on bar
  • ) 15:00 Est 1 RM Clean and Jerk

Grace 135/95 clean and jerk 30 reps for time



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