I just wanted to say a few things, I received a number of texts and emails, and heard a bunch of grumbling in the gym when people found out that we were going to retest 16.1 and I wanted to address it. (and I mean virtually all of the gym members who I saw in person and whom text me said something, so pretty much half the gym).

We retest for a number of reasons. First, statistically speaking most people improve upon their first score if they retest. I dont have hard and fast numbers because they vary across workouts but in my personal experience, and I have coached the opens for a few years now, people almost always tie or do better with a second exposure. I want you to succeed in this sport. If that means that a retest will jump you a few reps then we are going to retest. Keep in mind with populations the size of each region, a few reps can sometimes mean a few hundred places higher.

Second, you are training, generally to be a better athlete/crossfitter/ass-kicker and so stress inoculation must be part of that equation. Not liking a workout probably means you need to spend more time doing similar tasks, not less time. Yes, we all like to lift and get strong. But it is in the fringes that we will fail. Why did so many people bemoan 16.1 as a retest? Its not what was typical. Dont get complacent in CF, its a sure road to stagnation. If something stresses your system, mentally, physically, or both, you need more exposure until you overcome and adapt. That is not my opinion, that is the science that the strength and conditioning world is based upon. Remember the 10 qualities of fitness (look it up, its a Greg Glassman article), of those 10 qualities 5 are neurological. It wasnt that you guys were physically incapable of retesting, you were anticipating the pain and it stressed you out. We all need to be able to buck up and get the job done, even when we know its going to suck. So to retest, knowing whats coming, and still be able to stay calm and execute, that is part of what we are training. It isnt just the muscles, its the mind too. The grumbles I heard werent from weak bodies, it was from mindsets. It doesnt make you a bad person, it means we need to spend time working on the mental game sometimes. The opens are one of those times. That way we arent just better athletes, we are better people.

Last, most of you pay us money so you can improve in some regard. Hard work is most likely one of the things you like about CF. You get to bask in the knowledge you are working hard, and that as you continue to work hard you will reap the benefits. So why would you shy away from such a difficult workout? Im reminded of the quote someone much smarter than me came up with- everyone wants to win, but not one wants to work to win. Lets remember that hard work is a key component in life. Hard work includes things we are bad at. You cant say youre a hard worker if all you do is play to your strengths.

No, I am not singling anyone out. It was the majority of the gym. If you feel a little squirmy feeling of guilt in your stomach then thats OK. We learn these lessons in times like this so we can improve. Silver lining here, though there were moans and groans, protests, bargaining, avoidance, many of your folks bucked up and did the work. Im especially proud of you guys who at first resigned not to do it, but retested anyway. Seriously, lets keep up the good work and know that no matter what Castro throws at us we are going to test, retest and improve.


Tuesday March 1, 2016


Box Shoulder Stretch 4 x :45 with 20 PVC Pipe raises after each set

Split stretch 3 x 1:00

3 x 10 Arch to hollow on the rings



10x 1 Clean and Jerks @ 80% of 1 RM rest :60 between attempts



4 x 5 Deadlifts with the weight you just used. rest :90


5 Rounds of

:30 ME TTB

rest :30

:30 ME Double Unders

rest :30

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