A home gym is one of the most convenient ways to work out. You have the whole space to yourself and all equipment at your disposal but most often home gyms end up becoming a collection of metal scrap. Well, this article isn’t for those people.

A home gym is a serious affair. It requires an investment of both time and money and moreover effort and determination on your part. To set up the perfect home gym, here’s what FitnessGuyd recommends as the ultimate checklist to all the equipment you’ll need.

1. Go big with barbells

There’s nothing that engages muscle and challenges the body like free weights and barbell is definitely the most important of all. You can either opt for a regular or an Olympic barbell. Regular dumbbells are ideal for newbies as they are cost effective and ideal for low weights.

Olympic barbells are for the pros. These are 7 feet in length and are built especially for heavy lifting. With a barbell set, you’ll get a cheap Olympic barbell. These are often chrome plated and can hold up to 350-400 lbs.

2. Don’t forget the dumbbells

Continuing on the topic of free weights, the dumbbells are equally important and perfect for isolated workouts and no longer will you need tons of different dumbbell sets to enjoy the perfect workout. With one set, you can do it all and yes I’m talking about adjustable dumbbells.

Adjustable dumbbells are durable, ergonomically designed for convenient and slip-proof lifting and come with padding that protects the hands from blisters. They also come with a stand that makes storage easy. You can switch between 5 to 30 lbs. with a turn of the dial, easy right?


3. Rack it up

Another versatile piece of equipment your home gym is incomplete without is the rack. Nothing guarantees safety like a power rack especially when lifting heavy. The safety pins ensure even a missed lift doesn’t cause a serious injury.

Some of them include a dip and pull up bar that helps you exercise the back and triceps as well. Good, durable power racks are available for $500-$600. The higher models come with additional attachments like a pulley, and pegs etc.

4. The perfect bench

For all, you’re seated or incline or decline exercises a weight bench is a must. Look for a weight bench with a good weight capacity and easy to adjust positions. Ironmaster and Bowflex are some of the top brands for a durable and convenient weight bench.

Also, keep an eye on classifieds, gyms looking to sell old gear and online discounts and offers for the perfect deal but if you still can’t afford a bench, relax. Most of the seated exercises can also be on the floor and if you’ve got the skills why not just build one yourself? It’s easy just check out the video below.

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