WOD 140721:


1) Clean & Jerk: 5X2 @ 80% of 2rm – rest 60 sec.

Rack bar, then:

2) Split Jerk from Rack: 3×1 @ 100% of #1


5 rounds for time of:

7 Hang Cleans (full) 135/85#
11 HSPU (Kipping is allowed)
200m Run

Outlaws at USA Weightlifting Nationals



We have 2 members competing at USA Weightlifting Nationals in Salt Lake City this weekend! Nicole Capurso and Caitlin Vodopia will both be competing and will be coached by Rudy. The meet will be broadcast live all weekend so if you have a chance tune in. More info below:

63kg Nicole Capurso: Lifting Friday 9:30pm Eastern time. Session B on Platform B.

58kg Caitlin Vodopia: Lifting Saturday 3:00pm Eastern time. Session A on Platform A.

Good Luck to Nicole, Caitlin, and Rudy, who will be coaching multiple lifters throughout the weekend.

Click Here for the LIVE Webcast


There will be no official Barbell Basics class this Thursday. As always, there will still be open gym and a coach will be around to look at your lifts, it just will not be a formal Barbell class. Barbell class is still on for this Tuesday and normal schedule next week.

WOD 140715


12 mins to establish a 3rm Back Squat, then 1×3@95%, 1×3@90%


For time:

100 Hang Snatches 45/35#
100 Double-Unders
Run 1 Mile

**DO NOT DROP THE EMPTY BARBELLS ON THE FLOOR. If you need to break the Hang Snatches, place the barbell on the floor.


Outlaw Kids.

WOD 140714


1) 10 minutes to establish a 2rm Clean & Jerk, then 1X1@ 95%, 1X1 @ 90%. Rest 1:30 between drop sets

Rack bar, then:

2) Split Jerk from Rack: 3×1 at 5-10# heavier than 2rm from #1


3 rounds of:

2:00 ME Wall Walks**
2:00 ME OH Walking Lunges 115/75#
2:00 ME KB Swings 36/24kg
1:00 Rest

**If you can Handstand Walk, perform ME Handstand Walk for distance instead of Wall Walks.