The Crossfit Opens have gotten progressively heavier each year, with last year introducing the RX and Scaled division. We are now seeing 185# power cleans as a routine effort. Max outs as an Open test. Muscle ups as just one of the regular Open’s movements instead of an if-you-get-to-them-you’re-at-the-end-of-a-chipper kind of deal.

So you will be seeing some slightly heavier RX weights. This is fine. There is no pressure to RX. and as I mentioned last week, maintaining the spirit of the workout is key. Don’t RX a workout in a way that you miss the intensity. We do Weightlifting everyday. And now accessory movements are part of our routine. That is where we get strong. The conditioning pieces are where we use the strength we already have. Keep that in mind when selecting your weights.



  • 4 x :20/:20 Barbell T spine
  • 3 x :30/:30 Hands and foot hollow hold
  • 3 x 10 Arch+Hollow (alt sides)+V-Up


1 RM Clean and Jerk


5 rounds for time

10 Toes to Bar

8 Hand Stand Push Up

6 Power Clean 185/125




I hope you’re all rested up. This week has been a bit of a gut check. Remember fundamentals right? So we need to be building a base of performance that we can then start adding speed and capacity to when the new year hits and we start prepping for the opens. Keep the faith. Make sure you sleep well. And if you don’t already have a workout journal where you write down each workout and how you did then you need to start. There will be a good deal of testing and re-testing this month (yes, you will have to repeat workouts you hated) and we want to be able to see how each of you are progressing.


  • 4 x :20 Box Shoulder
  • 3 x:30/:30 Arch Hold
  • 3 x 8 Arch/ Hollow Med Ball Throws


1.) 6 x 2 Hang Snatch

Then take 65% of #1 and 3 x 8 OH Squats :30 rest between sets



“Opens workout 13.2”

115/75 shoulder to OH x 5

115/75 Deadlift x 10

24/20 Box Jumps x 15

10 Min Amrap



Doing anything every time you train is dumb. Remember we need to train to go sprint through short workouts and stay moving in long workouts. Sometimes workouts are only a couple of minutes. In workouts like that you should be going as fast as possible (with good technique) and feel like your gasping for air. Someworkouts are just about chugging along. We need to train both. So short means fast. long usually means a little slower. Look at what you are being asked to do in a metcon and try to figure out what the purpose of it is. And feel free to ask your coach about strategies.


  • 3 x :30 Pike stretch
  • 3 x :30 Toe Touch
  • 3 x :30 Box Hamstring stretch
  • 3 x 10 Arch+Hollow rolls (alternate sides) +V-Up


Paused Back Squats 7×3

Rest :30 then dips

Alternate with 6 x ME ring dips

Rest :30 back to squats




Double unders

Ab-Mat Sit ups



  • 4 x :20 Box Shoulder Stretch
  • 3 x :30/:30 Arch Hold with PVC
  • 4 x :20/:20 Arch Rocks with PVC


1.) 5 x 2 Hang clean + 1 Jerk

Then take 110% of #1 and 3 x 7 clean pulls :30 rest between sets


2 Rounds


Run 800m

30 KB Swings 32kg/24kg

30 Pull Ups


Well this here website is back. So here are a few things

1.) we are in a strength and fundementals phase. things will be a little bit repetitive. Think of this as a time when we are laying a base for when the programming changes at the end of the year. When we start gearing up for the opens it requires a slightly different set of skills and capacities. So for the next 6 weeks we want to get stronger and more proficient so that when we worry about going faster it is conditioning that is our issue, it is not a matter of strength or skill.

2.) I prefer to put a few posts or even a week out a time on this site so that it is not a thing that slips through the cracks. Make sure you are reading the right date (the title of the post year month date).

3.) we have more to do each workout. I know you all have real lives. But the coaches aren’t being jerks when you are late. they are providing the service you pay for and timing has to be strict since we are doing more in an hour than we have done before. Timing is on you. Be on time, and transition quickly. That way your coaches can coach and you can train. and everyone is happy and there are hearts and flowers everywhere.


Here is today’s workout:


  • 3x 30 each leg Couch Stretch
  • 3 x 30 Hamstring couch stretch each leg
  • 3 x :30/:30 Hands and foot hollow hold


1.) Power Snatch 2 RM

Then take 75% of #1 and 3 ME Sets push press :45 rest between sets


“Open Workout 14.5”


95/65 Thrusters

Bar Over Burpees

(time capped at 20:00)



BBG Option 1 :

Max Snatch


Max Clean & Jerk

BBG Option 2 :

EMOM 14 min:

5 Split Stance Strict Press

3 Tempo Front Squat 55×0

*try and go a bit heavier than last week on both*


12 Minute AMRAP:

3 Snatch 135/105

6 Clean & Jerk 135/105

9 C2B

54 Double Unders