Corey Perry


I am currently and have been an active duty solider in the U.S Army for the past 17 years. Until my introduction to Crossfit in June 2008, I lived an unhealthy lifestyle. As a young adult and until recently, I often smoked, drank, and practiced unhealthy eating habits. I had no concept of physical fitness training outside of my military physical fitness program. Most of my physical fitness training was geared towards meeting or exceeding the requirements of the past/fail standards of the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). Although I worked out 5 days a week, those workouts were mostly comprised of pushups, sit ups, and running.

In August 2007, I committed to a healthy lifestyle change. I quit smoking, started paying attention to my diet, and began running. My first year of running was comprised of 8 marathons, 2 ultra marathons, and several short distance races. I was doing in excess of 70 miles of run-specific training a week with no strength component. In approximately June 2008, I was introduced to Crossfit. Specifically, Crossfit Endurance where I completed my first Crossfit certification. From there, I was addicted. I completed my Level 1 certification in October 2008 and joined Outlaw Crossfit in January 2009. Since then, my lifestyle has changed completely. Instead of running 70 or more miles a week, I run no more than 12 miles in a given week, but I have incorporated a strength and weightlifting program that was prescribed by Outlaw Crossfit.

Crossfit, in conjunction with Crossfit Endurance, has allowed me to complete several races up to and including 50 mile marathons with no degradation in speed and endurance. In fact, it has made me faster and stronger in all aspects of my athletic life. Additionally, over the course of my 17 year military career my average APFT score was 242 points, but since Crossfit every APFT score has been a 300. I began coaching at Outlaw in Aug 2009. Crossfit not only keeps me in shape, but it also satisfies my competitive nature by competing in Crossfit competitions.

Certifications: CF Level 1, CF Coaches Prep, CF Nutrition, CF Endurance, CF KettleBells, CF Mobility, and CF Powerlifting

Athletic background: I am currently an Ultra marathon runner. In high school I actively participated in surfing, baseball, and soccer.

Occupation: US Army.