Mady Schlenz

I first heard of Crossfit through some family members who are in the military. I started playing around with it, making up my own WODs and using them as a new twist on my same old at home work outs. A few months after baby number three, a friend invited me to come down and try the workouts at Outlaw. I realized there was a huge difference between throwing together some body weight cardio in my basement and what you get in the gym.

I started coming regularly and was amazed at how quickly the baby weight fell off as I started building up calluses and learning to lift. I feel like I’m in some of the best shape of my life now and I know that all the time I put in the gym helps me keep up with my kids.

Before coming to Outlaw I had never done a pull-up, a hand-stand push up, or done Olympic lifts. I know what’s like to struggle and fight and get that first one all by yourself. It’s an amazing experience and I enjoy coaching and encouraging others through it. I have now been doing Crossfit for over three years and coaching at Outlaw for over two years.

Certifications: Crossfit Level One Trainer

Athletic Background: High School Varsity Basketball and Soccer; College Soccer

Occupation: supportive wife, Life Coach to my three young children, and RN at National Military Medical Center (Bethesda)

Favorite Lifts: Back Squat and Deadlift

Favorite WODs: Really? Is there supposed to be a legitimate answer here?