Sarah Hawley


I fell upon CrossFit in late 2008 when I was looking for something new and
different to do. I had never lifted a weight, nor had any “real” athletic
background. The words “snatch” and “clean and jerk” did not come out of my
mouth nearly as frequently as they do now. As a kid I did gymnastics, then growing up and through college I dabbled in intramural sports. I remember the first few weeks of CrossFit Rudy asked me if I had any back muscles; I think I replied “Maybe?” After that, I kept coming back for more because I constantly saw improvement in myself, not only physically but in all aspects of my life. The coaching I received from the staff encouraged me to improve and keep trying no matter how hard it seemed. Eventually, I became addicted and my Outlaw family has become a part of my daily life. Since receiving my Level 1 certification in 2011, I try my best to convey the movements and encouragement to Outlaw members just as I had received when I started.

Certifications: Level 1 CrossFit Certification, July 2011

Occupation: Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst

Favorite lifts: Snatch, snatch, snatch

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