Tim Busch

I have been working out since I was in college and was a subscriber to the philosophy of “chest Mondays, leg Tuesdays, back Wednesdays, tri/bi Thursdays”, etc, while hating every day of it. I had also bicycled 4,000 miles across the country, run a half and full marathon, and competed in a couple triathlons. Therefore, I thought I was “fit” but was still weighing #190 with 23% body fat. My introduction to Crossfit was in 2007 when I met Rudy Nielsen as my personal trainer at the “globo-gym” where he was the head trainer. As a pre-Crossfit coach, Rudy started having me do weird exercises like deadlifts, cleans, wallballs (what?), kettlebell (what?) swings, and kipping (what?) pull-ups, and I soon realized I wasn’t fit at all. Therefore, when he opened his own Crossfit affiliate in 2007, I was one of the founding members along with coaches Tommy and Sean. I was crushed by every WOD but I found in the process I was getting stronger, more fit, and increased self-confidence. I was also meeting some incredible people and working out with folks who span the spectrum of physical ability. Five years later, nothing has changed.

I completed my Level 1 certification in 2010 and have found huge satisfaction in being one of the Outlaw Crossfit coaches. As a coach, it is exciting to see regular people like me come in, get their butt kicked by a WOD, and then come back again and again. I am inspired the community that we have at Outlaw Crossfit where we sweat together, encourage each other, and pursue the common goal of functional and life-changing fitness.

Certifications: Level 1 Crossfit Trainer

Occupation: High School Teacher

Favorite Lifts: The Clean, I have a love/hate relationship with Overhead Squats

Favorite WOD: Filthy Fifty