Tommy Flynn


My first experience with Crossfit was in July 2007 as a Founding Member of the original Crossfit Alexandria and as a personal training client of Rudy Nielsen. When I started with him I was roughly 200lbs, 20% body fat, couldn’t do 1 pull-up, had no idea what a clean or a jerk were, never mind a “clean & jerk”, and didn’t have the slightest clue what Olympic lifts entailed. Handstand push up? Not a chance. Muscle up? Are you serious?

I was your typical gym member – show up a few times a week, run a few miles, do some random weight lifting with machines, shower and leave. No clear goals, no tracking, nobody pushing me, nothing to strive for. After a few months at Crossfit Alexandria (now Outlaw Crossfit), I became addicted – to the workouts, the pain, the competition, the camaraderie. There was nothing routine about it, except that you came in every day with no idea what you were going to be doing, but you knew it would be tough, and you’d be leaving feeling like you just completed the toughest workout of your life. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. After a while I embraced the Zone Diet. I am down nearly 20lbs, and cut 6% body fat. I received my Level 1 Certifiication in November of 2009, and began leading WODs at Outlaw Crossfit shortly after.

Certifications: Level 1 Crossfit Trainer

Athletic Background: Division 1 College Baseball – Pitcher; High School Varsity Baseball/Track/Basketball

Benchmark Workouts: Fran – 5:15; Crossfit Total – 880lbs; Fight Gone Bad – 335; Cindy – 18 rounds; Helen – 9:10; Max Clean – 225lb; Max Deadlift – 435lb