1.  We will be holding a “Friday Night Lights” tomorrow night (Friday) for the CROSSFIT LIFTOFF event.  We will be maxing out on Snatch and Clean and Jerk, as well as performing the workout (it is released tonight at 8pm).  I am really not sure how this is going to be best formatted as this is the first year of it, but we will try and run in heats every half hour.  It will be a laid back night where we get to watch our gym buddies throw around some big weight and hopefully hit a few PRs, we will then follow it up with an in gym tailgate and hang out there for the night.  Bring your own friends, food (we will have a  grill), drinks, and games and come on down and hang out! For those of you who cannot make Friday night, we will allow you guys to do the Liftoff event on Saturday afternoon.
  2. CHANGE IN SWIM LOCATION: Swim Class tonight will be at 7:00pm at the Mount Vernon Rec Center pool (2017 Belle View Blvd, Alexandria, VA) because our normal location is closed tonight.  If you are curious and are yet to come swim with us, head out and join us tonight.  Coach Dave is the best!!

Swim Workout:

Treading Warmup

50m Kick
50m Pull
100m Swim

3x100m Swim (sprint the middle 50m)

4x25m Breath Control


LIFTOFF REGISTRATION LINK: https://games.crossfit.com/liftoff/about

Most mornings, Coach Alex is just “team therapist” for Nicole.  But, on occasion, he hits some impressive lifts… this one just happened to be caught on video.  This is 95kg/209lb for a Snatch Pull + Hi Hang Snatch off the blocks, at a bodyweight of (a generous) 170lbs.  Alex needs more pizza.



5×3 Front Squat @ 80% of 1RM

5x 1:00 HS Walk practice


For time:
50 KBS 24/16kg
40 DU
30 DB Burpee Box Overs 35/25#
40 DU
50 KBS 24/16kg


Some of you have expressed interest in the CrossFit Liftoff being held by CrossFit HQ at the end of this week.  The Liftoff is similar to the Open format, however it consists of a weightlifting meet style competition that will run from 11/5-11/9.  In short, it is split up by weight class and consists of a max Snatch, max Clean & Jerk, and a workout that is yet to be released.  Your score will be the total of all three workouts.  Being a gym that emphasizes the olympic lifts so heavily (those of you that travel have seen the difference in level of understanding we have compared to other gyms) I think it would be a great opportunity for you to put some pressure on your lifts and max out in a community setting like this.  We will be holding “Liftoff” workouts on Thursday, 11/5 and Saturday 11/7 and will try and run it as much like a weightlifting meet as possible! Head over to the link and register! If you have any further questions, come ask Nicole or Alex.

The full explanation & registration can be found here: THE CROSSFIT LIFTOFF 2015


5X1 1 Paused Snatch (at knee) + 1 Paused Hang Snatch + 1 Paused Hang Snatch from Power Position (3 count pause in each position) – work to a max for the complex, rest 2:00


“Death By”: Burpees & Thrusters 95/65#

On minute 1 perform 1 Burpee/1 Thruster,
on minute 2 perform 2 Burpees/2 Thrusters,
on minute 3 perform 3 Burpees/3 Thrusters…..

continue until the clock catches you.


See yesterday’s post for some special Halloween announcements! 


Alternating EMOM for 16:

Even – 5 Jerk Stance Strict Press

Odd – 3 Tempo Front Squats (55×0)



Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

6 Deadlifts 225/155#
7 Burpee pull-ups
10 Kettlebell swings 32/24kg
Run 200 meters

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  1. Some of your fellow Outlaw members will be participating in this: Insane Inflatable 5K Obstacle Fun Run – Washington, D.C. | Insane Inflatable 5K on Saturday (tomorrow). It is one of those crazy, 5k events and should be a great way to celebrate fitness and friends this weekend.  They are going off in the 12 o’clock heat.  If you have any further questions, Cara can help answer them – or you can bring them to a coach and we will get them answered for you!
  2. The Stone’s (Jeremy & K), are hosting a “Halloween Pre-Party” at their house/backyard tomorrow evening.  Doors open at 8:00pm and will go until we all decide to make our way down to King Street to finish the night.  This is a bring your own everything type of party – that includes food, booze, friends, and any other stray animal you can pick up along the way.  It is Halloween night, so, try and get creative with choice of attire.  I will post their address in the gym so that we don’t have the entire internets showing up to the party tomorrow night.

Coach Cesar, ladies and gentlemen.


Every 2:00 for 8:00-

4 T&G Power Clean & Push Jerks – begin around 70% of max PC&PJ and work to a 4RM for the day


20:00 AMRAP of:

50′ HS Walk
50 OHS 45/35#
400M Run



5 rounds of:

:45 ME Front Squats @ 80%
:15 Rest
:45 Shoulder Taps (back facing wall)
:15 Rest


15 Thrusters 100/70#
15 Ring Dips
15 Bar-Facing Burpees
12 Thrusters 100/70#
12 Ring Dips
15 Bar-Facing Burpees
9 Thrusters 100/70#
9 Ring Dips
15 Bar-Facing Burpees
6 Thrusters 100/70#
6 Ring Dips
15 Bar-Facing Burpees
3 Thrusters 100/70#
3 Ring Dips
15 Bar-Facing Burpees



5X1 1 Paused Snatch (at knee) + 1 Paused Hang Snatch + 1 Paused Hang Snatch from Power Position (3 count pause in each position) – work to a max for the complex, rest 2:00



20min AMRAP:
400m Run
Max Rep Pull-Ups

*Note the pull ups completed in each round