WOD 120502:

4X5 Tempo Deadlifts – heaviest possible (with PERFECT technique & speed), rest 60 seconds.

Notes: Tempo should be 3 counts from floor to knees, explode past knees driving hips to bar, 3 counts back to floor. Concentrate on keeping legs loaded NOT back. Maintain vertical shin.


4 rounds for time of:

3 Power Cleans 185/120#
14 Shoulder Touches (alternating)
21 Wall Ball 20/14#

*20 minute time limit.

17 thoughts on “120502

  1. In HSPU position, a shoulder touch is when the right hand lifts off ground and touches right shoulder then back on ground, left hand comes up and touches left shoulder, those are alternating. We’ve got 14 per shoulder or 7/7?

      • Rudy actually posted a video of one of our coaches doing shoulder touches. You can google it. As with all Crossfit movements the hips play a big part in this movement and you’ll need need to shift them over the planted hand in order not to fall. You can tell from the video.

  2. tempo deads @ 225#
    the work – DNF’d at 3rds + 3 powercleans (185# PC and kindof just a handstand hold shifting weight back and forth for the shoulder touches). body’s getting more used to holding weight inverted but i’m still bearing the weight w/ the chest and head on the wall instead of the shoulders, head through, and hips on the wall (so, muscles instead of frame).

  3. http://outlawcoach.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/120117/

    Mady’s being modest- the video is of her, completely rocking shoulder touches.

    WOD: 16:05


    If we’re going to get technical, I DNF’d. Not one of those shoulder touches would have counted if we used a judge. I have never done them before, and I had a really hard time. I just focused on shifting weight and getting a hand off the ground.

    • Em! I was super proud of you and your perseverance through the wod. It’s frustrating to not be able to do something, when you can rock so many other things. I wish I could oly lift as beautiful as you do. You are the perfect demo girl for these “heavy” lifting days! it was fun rx’ing it as a girl group!

      • Thanks, Maddy! I was super frustrated but the middle of the second round, and I was beyond irritated leaving the gym. I appreciate the encouragement. I hope I didn’t scare you off with the grumpiness.

        As for the power cleans, again, thanks, but you’re being kind. They couldn’t have been that pretty- I have bruise on my chest (not collar bones, sternum, right above my boobs) from really messing up at least two of those lifts. But like I said, I’m always glad to have one of my successes being show cased!🙂 It was super fun with you girls today!

  4. Mady-
    Deads-135#, 145#, 150#, 155#

    WOD- 9:39 Rx, yes shoulder touches are actually something I’m good at.

    MFS- 1,3,3 (quads ar a bit sore from all our squatting-guess I need to stay more on my heels, huh?)

  5. Is there a movement we can sub for the shoulder touches? I have a friend that leaves everything on the floor evertime she wods but is still not yet ready for the handstands.

    • She could do a scaled version on a box, just like you would scale a HSPU. She would need to be as vertical as possible, to help gain some shoulder muscle and get her more comfortable being upside down. But really, she needs to practice just kicking up into a handstand and holding it with a spotter until she is comfortable kicking up on her own.

  6. deadlifts 70kg(154.3#), 70kg, 80kg(176.3#),80kg. Lighter than I could’ve possibly used (160kg /352.7# 1RM) but focused on perfect form.

    wod: 12:25 scaled power clean to 70kg and did handstand hand releases. I would’ve fallen flat on my face if I hadn’t. Oh well that’s another skill I need to work on.

  7. followed the outlawway.com for today’s workout
    Snatch from blocks- 135-155-165-175-185X
    3x ME Bench @ 175# 6-5-6
    3x DB row 8l and 8r 65#-75#-100#

    Wod for time
    3 rds of
    20 pistols
    3x 15 ft rope climb
    50 T2B
    3 rds of
    20 wallballs 20#
    5x 225# power cleans -nasty
    asrx: 23:45

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