Wednesday July 27, 2016


couch stretch 3 x :30

back against wall couch stretch 3 x :30

3 x 10 hs shoulder shrugs + 10 HS shoulder taps + 10 hs hip slaps



3 x 25 with the weight you used for your second set last week. see below.


squat 1rm<200 (95#)

squat 1 RM 200-300 (115#)

squat 1 RM 300-400 (135#)

squat 1 RM 400+ (155#)




Bar Muscle Up

Power Snatch 135/95

*this is heavy, feel free scale the workout heavily, for bar muscle ups try to do “hip to bar” if not it is done as strict ring dips double the reps. 18:00 time cap. Don’t worry if today doesn’t go well after the squats*

Monday July 25, 2016


Box Shoulder Stretch 4 x :40 seconds

Strict bear crawls 40′ each direction

3 x 5 toes to bar+ 4 chest to bar + 3 straight leg strict toes to bar


BBG: 5 x High Pull from Pocket + Power Snatch From Pocket + Hang Power Snatch




 1 arm KB Clean and Press 10 reps per side 53/35
Toes to bar  10 Reps
BB Front Squat 10 Reps 95/65

Saturday July 23, 2016


Before you think “Well I’m not going to do that” stop. Take a moment. Realize that you come here to improve. This is not arbitrary, there is reasoning behind all of the lower weight longer duration stuff we are doing in this phase. Show up. Be a team player. Try to PR. Cheer on your team mates here as you all work together. And bring a bunch of water.



RX is with a weighted vest or body armor with strict pull ups and straight sets, not “cindy style”

Scaled is Cindy style and kipping (rounds of 5,10,15 or 10,20,30 etc for the body weight moves rather than all 100 then all 200…) Anything less than that we will call modified.


Run 1 Mile

100 Pull Ups

200 HR Push Ups

300 Air Squats

Run 1 Mile


Go be great. I wanna hear about PRs.


Friday July 21, 2016


BB T Spine stretch :45 seconds x 4, after each set roll onto your back and do your best attempt to work on the “wheel pose” (its a yoga move, use the googles), if youre a beginner leave your head on the ground but still plant your palms by your head on the ground and try to just “press tall”

3 x :30 per side of “hard rolls”

3 x 10 HS shoulder shrugs + 10 HS shoulder taps + 10 HS Shoulder Slaps



BBG: 15:00 Deadlifts @ 70-85% sets of 5 “by feel” refer back to July 8ths posting if you are unfamiliar


try to increase your total volume (# of total reps completed * weight on the bar= total volume) from last week.





30 Burpee Box jump over

2 Rounds of “DT” (12 Deadlift, 9 hang clean, 6 Push Jerk 155/105)

30 Box step Overs

200 Double Unders

30 Burpees

2 Rounds of “DT”




couch stretch 3 x :30

back against wall couch stretch 3 x :30

3 x 10 hs shoulder shrugs + 10 HS shoulder taps + 10 hs hip slaps



1 sets of 30, then add weight and rest 3 minutes, then a set of 30 with the second weight   (2 x 30 essentially)


squat 1rm<200 (75#) and then (95#)

squat 1 RM 200-300 (95 #) and then (115#)

squat 2 RM 300-400 (115#) and then (135#)

400+ (135#) and then (155#)




Toes to Bar

Hang Power Clean 135/95

*time cap 20:00*


Tuesday July 19, 2016


3 x 1:00 Split stretch

3 x 10 Arch to hollow to V ups

4:00 work on free standing hand stand holds



5 x Power clean from Pocket+ Power Clean From Hang +Power Clean From Floor + 2 Split Jerks



Start the clock and run 200m (short run)…….. 2:00 to get this done

at 2mins run 400m (around the building)……..3:00 to get this done

at 5 mins run 600m (around building and a short run)……6:00 to get this done

at 11 mins run 400m (around the building)…..3:00 to get this done

at 14 mins run 200m (short run)…… 2:00 to get this done

at 16 mins run 400m ( around the building) …. note your time.

If at any point you don’t finish within the time cap then sit one round out and begin at the top of the next round. If this happens your score is total distance not time for the last 400m.